Taking a mini break!!

Hi guys! I know I’ve been gone for about a couple weeks but I just wanted to inform you that I was taking a mini break from my blog just to take care of some personal business. I miss you guys and I miss blogging too!! Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog I will be back very soon! So in the mean time tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends to check out my everything curly blog;) See you guys soon! Peace & Love 🙂

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DIY: Tie-Dye Fun!!

So i wanted to step away from natural hair for this blog and i decided to do something fun. This summer tie-dye is in and definitely poppin so i decided to go buy a kit and do some tie-dying with my daughter:) Needless to say she enjoyed herself and so did I, we even got my hubby in on it lol. We made shirts and some shorts as well. I will leave some pics on here  for you guys. I hope you enjoy!! Peace & Love!!



We even put our little twist on them afterwards with fringing, crop topping them, turning them into tank tops, and even putting our clothing line logo on it (coming soon).


Tips for Transitioners!

Hey guys just wanted to come by and give a few tips to those who may be transitioning or are newly natural.

#1. Invest in a wide tooth comb

#2. Make sure when detangling to start from the tips and detangle up to the roots.

#3. Do hair styles that blend the 2 textures i.e. twist-outs, braid-outs, flat twists, perm rods, etc.

#4. Moisture, moisture, moisture! I can not stress this enough. Make sure your hair is moisturized during your transition because the line of demarcation (where the relaxed ends and natural hair meets) is very fragile.

#5. Don’t overdue protein but make sure to give yourself a protein treatment at least once a month

#6. Don’t use too much heat because you could end of with heat damage

#7. Do your research on hair products and know what may work on your relaxed hair may not work on your natural hair so don’t become a product junkie

#8. Enjoy this transition! Don’t let it stress you

#9. Be patient & watch those beautiful curls take over:)

Hope this was helpful for you! If there are any questions please feel free to ask…until next time! Peace & Love xoxo

Natural Girls & Shrinkage

Hey lovies!! I just wanted to stop by and say something really quick. These days i hear so many naturals complaining about shrinkage. I also see a lot of companies advertising that their products “prevent shrinkage”. That has to be the biggest bull i have ever heard and let me tell you why. The only way to prevent shrinkage is to what? Have straight hair!! If you are a curly girl there is no way to prevent shrinkage, its inevitable with curly hair because your hair is curly. There are some ladies with looser textures who don’t get much shrinkage, but they still get shrinkage.

Bottom line don’t let these companies sell you on dreams of you not getting shrinkage because their is no way around it. Just love and except your hair for how it is, shrinkage, frizz and all! Your hair is beautiful, we all have to learn to accept it, i know i had to myself. Well i hope you enjoyed this blog. Until next time….peace and love! xoxo

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Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque vs. Anti-Breakage Masque

Hey loves! I’m back with a quick comparison/product review of the shea moisture deep conditioners. I washed my hair Sunday evening and i had only a little bit left of each conditioner in the jar so i decided to do half my head with the anti-breakage masque and the other half with the deep treatment masque and let me tell you their was definitely a difference.

I applied the products to my hair and left them in for a good 30-45 minutes before rinsing them out. So lets do a quick comparison!


Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque

This deep treatment masque left my hair my hair soft and very moisturized. I had slip and my hair felt like silk when i rinsed it out. I loved how it made my hair feel.

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

This deep conditioner did the complete opposite! When i rinsed it out my hair didnt feel moisturized at all. It felt dry and it almost felt like it was trying to tangle up on my hair. No slip no nothing.

So with that being said i dont even have to tell you which deep conditioner i would choose if i were to repurchase because you already know it would be the anti-breakage masque hands down! Have you guys tried either one of these products? How did you like it them? What was your experience? Well I will talk to you guys very soon. Until next time peace & love :-*

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Benefits of different oils for your hair!


My Top Ten Hair Oils:

Some  of you new naturals are still getting to know which oils do what and when, so I just wanted to make a quick list of my favorites!

Most Penetrative: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the only oil with the ability to completely penetrate your hair shaft, which means it works best without water as a moisturizer and a protective oil. Many naturals use this oil as a pre-poo to prevent hygral fatigue. Coconut oil is amazing when it comes to preserving the natural proteins within your strands.

Most Protective: Grapeseed Oil

Are you a curly/kinky gal or guy who loves to straightening your hair? Grapeseed Oil is definitely for you! With it’s high smoke point of 450F, Grapeseed Oil can protect your strands from most blow-dryers, flat-irons, and hotcombs. A little goes a long way, so you can be sure this miracle oil will stick around for awhile.

Most Beneficial Essential: Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a heaven’s blessing. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and great for circulation! Many natural shampoos will contain a good amount of this little oil because of its extreme cleansing properties. If you get build up on the scalp, this oil will fix it in a jiff!

Most Bang For Your Buck: Canola Oil

I know what you’re going to say— cooking oil? Yes, hon COOKING OIL is good for your hair! If you’re up for the challenge, using canola oil as a hot oil treatment can drastically reduce frizz, breakage and tapering! Canola oil contains protein so it will help rebuild your strands bit by bit!

Most Stimulating: Peppermint Oil

If you like to “feel” your products at work, just add a little bit of Peppermint Essential Oil and you’re good to go. Peppermint has all the benefits of Tea Tree with the added cooling sensation you get with gum! Add to your shampoo or just rub a little on your scalp to increase circulation and growth.

Most Hair Growth: Jamaican Black Castor Oil / Castor Oil

Nuff’ said. Veterans and newbies alike SWEAR by this oil. I might be biased but I achieve a good .75-1 inch a month in length thanks to this oil. Not to mention it softens your strands without adding buildup to the scalp or your ends. Detangling has never been easier for me! 

Most Balancing: Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil mimics hair sebum in a way other oils are unable to do. For those that don’t know sebum is what gives our hair its coating, shin, luster and… well everything! If you’re a kinky or curly girl you may notice our hair isn’t quick to get oily as compared to our straight haired counterparts. This is because sebum often gets trapped above our hair’s various twists and turns. Depending on who you are your ends may be left dry and crunchy due to this lack of lubrication. If you’re wearing of oily residue try jojoba oil! It gives all the moisture benefits of the above oils whilst maintain a dry and natural feel. It’s got wonderful softening qualities too!

Most Pleasant Smelling: Vanilla Oil

This oil doesn’t do much in the way of skin and hair but it smells WONDERFUL. And what person doesn’t want to smell wonderful? Slip a little into your conditioner or styler and you’ve got a delicious hair treat that will last the whole day.

Most Exotic: Tamanu Oil

For almost twenty dollars for an ounce you’d think this oil cured cancer. Well, it doesn’t do that but check out its other beneficial and curative properties.

Most Widely Known: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We’ve all probably used this oil to cook once. No surprise it’s also good for your hair. It’s got all the benefits of Canola Oil, all the protective qualities of Grapeseed Oil and some of the penetrative qualities of Coconut Oil. Olive Oil also increases the tensile strength of hair by three times. This oil will protect your hair from damage while giving thickness and shine. Above all it’s pretty cheap for a lot of it.

Product Review: Kinky Curly Line

Good Afternoon my fellow bloggers!! I’ve missed you guys:) I am coming to you today with a quick product review on the kinky curly line. I will be reviewing the shampoo, leave-in condish, custard, and the spiral spritz, so lets get to it.

Lets start with the come clean shampoo! As i have stated before im not big on shampoos and honestly this one isn’t my favorite. Its sulfate free and smells delicious those are the only pros i can give you. The shampoo gets your hair clean but it almost feels as if it strips your hair because you get that squeaky clean feeling which i do not to much care for.

Next up is the knot today leave-in. This conditioner is the bomb.com let me tell you. It smells good and gives me so much slip. My hair is so moisturized and soft after using it and it also makes me curls pop! The only con i have is that it doesn’t come in a bigger bottle.

The curling custard is next up. I really like this product to be honest with you. The texture is slimy. A little definitely goes a long way because if you use to much then you will definitely have crunchy hair. So you have to find the right amount for your hair. It gives great definition and shine to your hair. I love this product.

Last but certainly not least is the spiral spritz. Now i used it for maybe the 2nd time yesterday and so far i think its pretty decent. Its kinda watery gel and if you put it on your hands it makes them feel really silky. It did pretty good getting my 2nd day curls together especially after pineappling the night before. It also made my hair softer so i like this product so far.

Well i hope you found this helpful guys, this is the end of my review! Until next time loves!!! *muah* xoxo


Product Review: Entwine Couture Line

Hey fellow bloggers! I am coming to do a quick review for you guys on the entwine couture line. I used the products on my last blog showing you my twist n curl! I am going to make this as quick as possible:).


Im gonna start with the shampoo the cleansing and growth lathering hair bathe. The shampoo smells really good. I am not a big fan of shampoos because i use the CG method (for the most part) and shampoos can be stripping to my hair. This shampoo however did pretty well on my hair. Once i used it my hair still felt moisturized & soft.

Next is the hydrating and growth creme hair rinse. This conditioner has a perfume-like smell. It gave me a decent amount of slip so that i could finger detangle my hair, however, i have used conditioners with wayyy more slip then this one.

Next is the exotique leave-in hair potion which also smells good:) This leave-in isn’t creamy, its more on the watery side but it was ok nothing really significant or special about it.

The next two products i used were the exotique butter creme hydrator & the creme jelle styler. They are both creamy products and have the same smell as the rest of the line. I really liked this two products! My hair felt moisturized and very soft days after using them. My only issue is what they claim to do which is elongate. Now maybe if you are doing a style other then a wash n go but i didnt see a difference in elongation and as far as definition my twist were extremely defined, but if i used it for a wash n go then i wouldve probably had to use a gel to get the definition i needed.

The other product  i used was the creme de la mold which is suppose to be a pomade that helps slick down your edges. It smells good which is all i can give you lol. It did absolutely nothing as far as slicking down my edges because it is cream based.

Well anywho that concludes my review. I hope you enjoyed it:) I will be back soon with maybe a new hair style or new products who knows;) Talk to you soon!